MOSCHINO  Women Baskets 8445-8213-A1001
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- Brand : MOSCHINO
- Composition:
- Color: White
- Product Category: Women Bags & Wallets
- Size: One-size
- Product Number: 289-2#-8445-8213-A1001
- Average Retail Price: $565

● Measurements Guideline
● Special Return Policy
● Safety Program

Measurements check & Contact

● About the Brand
Moschino is an Italian fashion brand launched by Francisco Moschino in 1983. Independent after working for Versace. It features pop and colorful colors and designs that are rare in Italian brands. In recent years, a series of designs with the motif of teddy bears that appeared in 2015 is famous.

● About the Buyer
A buyer team running business and logistics in US, Italy, and Hong Kong. Long term commitment in the industry + Great Customer Support with a wide range of network in multiple countries.

● About the shipping
Deliver via international shipping method. Please note that it'd occur delay due to time difference and custom, etc.

Buyer to WEARBANKTransfer to WEARBANK in 1-2 business days after confirming the inventory
Shipping from WEARBANKAfter completion of transfer, we'll deliver to customers in 2-3 days

● About the average retail price
*Calculated 1 EUR = 120 JPY

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